Where To Eat? PRO - Find restaurants using GPS. App Reviews

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For my way of life this App is very useful. Thank you!!

war mal gut

rs gibt bessere


very disappointed, just pushes catagories key words to google, better off staying with searching maps for your own keywords so takeout doesnt bring up two moving companies, a wine bottling plant, and a single Thai place that apparently doesnt deliver this far north.


So far its help out, worth the $3 bucks


Add a search option. Add pictures of establishment. Update phone numbers And provide more listings around the world.

Dont leave home without this one!

This app is fantastic!!! We went to Montreal for the weekend and stayed is a part of the city we werent familiar with... A quick search in the app store & we discovered this app- although none of the local restaurants had ratings just seeing their locations on the map indicated to us where restaurants were located in proximity to our hotel... In addition, we found the coffee spots for the am and pubs for the afternoon! Awesome concept, well thought out and executed!!! Cant wait to try it in our own city!

Doesnt work!

Doesnt work. Nothing comes up but a map of North america (big deal) Not sure if its because Im in Canada of if its just because the app is crap. How do i get my money back? Note: I downloaded "poynt". Works great & it happens to be free.

Used to work

App used to be perfect but recently doesnt work? Is there going to come out with a fix?

Its a good try... but its lacking

The idea is a good one, but the source of data is google search so the information is far from complete; especially in Canada. As well, Google has some location information issues and therefore so does this app. For my liking it relies too much on your current GPS location. Changing location is very problematic and you find yourself redoing a lot of searches if you looking for something not where you are. Finally, the app is still fairly buggy. It freezes up easily, shuts down and the like. For the price of a cup of coffee, I cant say I wasted my money but lets just say this one is not quite ready for prime time...

Very helpful

I visited a friend in Ottawa and looking for an evenings good grub and company turned to this app. Does what it says and does it well, very impressive.

Mr dirtlump

I like it. I like to fly by the seat of my pants occasionally, and this app does that admirably. If it added a customizable basic meal chooser also Id be in heaven. No more long menu searches would be great occasionally.

Restaurant app

This app is awesome this is a must get for your iPad.

Where to eat

Great app


A must have for a world traveller who wants to enjoy the local cuisine!


Youre caught too far away, on foot, the stomach starts growling and theres nothing good in sight from where you stand. What to do? Whip out the iPhone and sit down a minute. This app saves the day and keeps your smile up! :)

Where to eat

Amazing app. I enjoy using it when I go out. Its fun and easy to use and very accurate. I love it!! Lenworth

Waste of money

This app does not show any restaurants!

Out of work

Normally use for 4 days. And after service not respond. May I have money back? Поработало всего 4 дня, потом все прекратилось и не оживляется

Need constant Internet connection

Need constant Internet connection so its worthless in roaming. Money wasted. Без интернета не работает!

Looks promising...

...but needs to be fixed-its impossible to save Kilometers instead of Miles in Settings,even Km is ticked off map shows distance in miles.

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